African Saga

Power hungry leaders rule, Treating all as a fool.
Using armies to stay in power, Peoples hate grows by the hour.
False promises made to get the vote, Such plans can never stay afloat.
Money wasted pilfered too, No improvement for me and you.

Roads degrading cities die, Shanty town smog hides the sky.
Schools and medic service down, street lights out all over town.
Business closing all around, poverty increase in leap and bound.
Crime increasing like a plague, Car hijacking all the rage.

Higher wages shorter hours, try demanding more milk from the cows.
Unions think that a job is a right, whilst companies sink to a lower plight.
Civil service numbers increase, most systems work without grease.
Committees meet for this and that, Bleeding off the rate payers tax.

From north to south Uhuru came, what did the basic people gain?
More hunger sickness death that's what, It seams the norm for the lot.
Dictators Africa has plenty, To make the exchequer empty.
Real job creation there is none, As people die under the sun.

Where has dignity and pride gone, That existed in every tribal son.
When respect was a way of life, long before the present strife.
Western ways in Africa fail, Modern weapons enter the frail.
Tribal systems may be best, For Africa to achieve it's quest.


Pete Barlow
Email : Pete Barlow