11th November 1965

Something special was to happen that day, many went to church to pray.
Gathering in the bars, or just sitting in their cars.
But all found a place, where they could a radio face.
Which was tuned to the station, for this statement to the nation.
Ian Douglas Smith began his speech, he did the people beseech.
To support him and other leaders, against the British deceivers.

He spoke of courageous people and a heroic role, I listened with pride in my soul.
We be a small country we be determined too, he's explaining the role of me and you.
The decisions been taken we're waiting to hear, proud of this man who will us steer.
For justice civilization and belief, this day we our sovereign independence breach.
He ends with "God bless you all", and we salute him standing proud and tall.
The British indignant made a speech, "It will be over in not months but weeks".

Now years later as I think of the souls, gracing the pages of the honor rolls.
Brave men that died the belief to uphold, what's happened since then leaves me cold.
The West wanted rid of the problem at hand, and supported war on a peaceful land.
If the land had prospered, created jobs and grown strong.
We would have to concede, that the war had been wrong.
Now we know for what we fought was just and right,
Cause the people are now in such a terrible plight.

Written by Pete Barlow 07/01/2001
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